Director Arrested + Representative Director and Power Enhancement Team Leader Suspended + Pro-Youth Bus Driver Julesa Lim, Ansan Will It Be OK as It Is?

The professional soccer recruitment scandal involving agent Choi Mo-soo has revealed the involvement of not only professional team managers, but also club front offices and university managers. On March 28, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Criminal Division 9 (Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Hyun-ah) indicted Lim Jong-heon, the former head coach of the Ansan Greeners, on charges of accepting money in exchange for recruiting players to professional teams (including embezzlement). Lim is accused of receiving 40 million won from agent Choi Mo-soo in exchange for selecting two Korean players when he was in charge of Thai Navy FC in 2018-2019. He is also suspected of defrauding a player of 60 million won by promising to get him into a professional team 온라인카지노(fraud).

The prosecution also found that Lim received criminal proceeds in another person’s account to hide the crime, and applied a charge of violating the Criminal Proceeds Concealment Regulation Act. On the same day, prosecutors also indicted Shin, a former Yonsei soccer coach, Kim, another college soccer coach, and Shin, a professional coach, who received money from Choi in exchange for his services. Choi and Lim had known each other for more than a decade.

Choi even cheated with high-ranking members of the Ansan club. Late last year, in connection with the signing of a player acquaintance of the former A-team coach, the Ansan club’s CEO, Mr. Im, received 10 million won and a luxury wallet from Choi, and the head of the strength and conditioning team, Mr. Bae, received 10 million won, and his residence and office were raided on March 18. They have since been suspended from the club and are reportedly under investigation. The player in question was not enrolled in Ansan.

However, a number of the club’s bus drivers have also recently resigned. Two bus drivers for the professional and youth teams have reportedly left their jobs. They are said to be related to Bae Mo, who was the head coach and scout of the under-18 team.

The atmosphere inside the Ansan club is the worst. After the club’s new leadership was appointed at the end of July last year, the positions of employees involved in player recruitment were changed. In the end, it was revealed that the CEO and the head of the strength and conditioning team colluded with the agent. Will Ansan be okay as it is?

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