Cudron’s final blow. Well-Bang magic number 1. Well-Bang defeated TS, NH lost to one – PBA Team League

Wellbang, who was unable to go out after suffering two consecutive losses recently, defeated TS Shampoo 4-0 with Kudron’s two-win singles match on the 4th day of the 6th round (Sono Calm Goyang) of the ‘2023 PBA Team League’ held on the 11th.

Wellbang recorded 13 wins and 5 losses, reducing the playoff magic number to 1. This is because NH Nonghyup Card lost 1-4 to Hana Card and stayed with 11 wins.

Even if SK with 4 games left and NH with 3 games left win all, if Welbang adds just one win, Welbang will be at least second. The win rate may be the same, but it is because Welbang is ahead of the opponent.

Well-being wasn’t easy either. Even at the start of the 6th round, I had a bit of free time. However, with 1 win and 2 losses in 3 games in the 6th round, they were in a position to be chased by the low, 2nd and 3rd place.

It would be an unknown situation if they were caught again by TS, the ‘chili powder bag’ that had already secured tickets on this day.

Fortunately, NH lost in the previous game, so there was an inch of space.먹튀검증

For Hana Card, Q. Nguyen (Oh Tae-Jun) won the 1st and 5th sets, Kim Ga-young and Kim Jin-ah took the 2nd set, and Kasido Costas took the 3rd set.

Kudron, the vanguard of Wellbang, managed to win despite poor physical condition. In the first set, Nambok was led by Han Ji-seung with 8 points. Still, he scored 2 runs in the first attack in 1 inning and set the mood.

The third set was also not good. It was the same Park Jung-geun who bullied him in the semifinals of the previous tour event. He seldom hit consecutively and went as far as 13 innings, but eventually won with 15:13.

Just being there was the secret to victory.

Oh Soo-jung won the victory by matching breathing with Kim Ye-eun in the 2nd set of women’s clothes and with Wimaz in the 4th set of mixed clothes.

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