‘Cuban + WS championship’ mood maker has emerged… “I will show you a new ceremony”

“I will show you a ceremony that reminds me of every moment, not a toy knife.”

SSG Landers recruited a new foreign batter, Guillermo Heredia. Cuban-born Heredia stepped onto the major league stage in 2016 when he joined the Seattle Mariners. He has since played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. His career performance in 7 major league seasons is 591 games, 320 hits, 27 home runs, 114 RBIs, 179 runs batted in. 0.231 OPS 0.656.

Heredia, who participated in the SSG spring바카라사이트 camp held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA met with reporters on the 11th (local time) and said, “I changed my training style a little. I heard that unlike the United States, Korea works out in a different style. Flexibility. He said, “I have already done a lot of training focusing on parts and agility.”

Heredia, who saw the SSG players for the first time during this camp, said that she is quickly adapting now after about 10 days. He said, “I think I’m doing very well in adapting. My teammates treat me like family. I’m happy that they treat me like a former player.”

When he was active in the major leagues, Heredia served as the atmosphere maker for dugout. In the 2021 season postseason National League Championship Series, he came out with his toy knife and made a splash while celebrating.

Regarding the team’s atmosphere maker, coach Kim Won-hyeong expressed his wish, saying, “A player who plays the role of an atmosphere maker is clearly needed. It would be great if a foreign player could play that role.”

Regarding acting as an atmosphere maker, Heredia said, “This is my original personality. I support even if one person is unable to do so, and help if there is something needed. And I do not dwell on the result. The result is not something that one person can control. Cheer for the next opportunity. He said, “My bright personality will probably help the team a lot. I think it will affect all players by raising the morale of the team members.”

Following the toy knife ceremony, Heredia announced that it would show the ceremony in the KBO League. He said, “I can show a ceremony in Korea. But it won’t necessarily be a knife now. I will do what comes to mind whenever I think of it. I will show a bright image with my colleagues for fun work.”

Last season, SSG ranked first in average attendance. Heredia said, “If a large number of spectators come to the stadium, the players will have more energy when they play.” .

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