Crying over Federer’s years, crying over Nadal’s injury, crying over Djokovic’s emotion

(37, 6th, Spain), and Novak Djokovic (36, 1st, Serbia). Those who dominated men’s tennis for nearly 20 years were called the ‘Big 3’. Debating which of these players is the greatest player of all time has always drawn keen interest from tennis fans.

Now it seems that Djokovic can be said to be the greatest of all time, let alone now.

Djokovic beat Stephanos Tsitsipas (3rd place, Greece) in the Australian Open men’s singles final held in Melbourne, Australia on the 29th with a set score of 3-0 (6-3 7-6 <7-4> 7-6 <7-5). >) and won the championship. After winning his 10th Australian Open, Djokovic tied Nadal’s record with his 22nd career major victory. 안전놀이터

In a situation where Federer retired last year and Nadal is struggling to recover from his injury, only Djokovic is showing a healthy appearance. Djokovic has not lost a single match in 12 matches he has played this year, starting with winning the first round of the Adelaide International, which was the prelude to the Australian Open. At the Australian Open, he played seven games and showed perfect performance, conceding only one set. While Federer and Nadal couldn’t do anything about the limitations of their age, Djokovic in his mid-30s proved through the Australian Open that he could show the same performance for at least one or two years. It’s not in his heyday when he was called ‘Cyborg’ because he was perfect in every way and had no weaknesses, but even now it’s hard to find players who can surpass Djokovic.

Djokovic has already surpassed Federer and Nadal in various cumulative records, or it is certain that he will surpass them soon. First of all, Djokovic has won 22 major championships like Nadal, and if there are no injuries in the future, it is highly likely that he will surpass Nadal. The French Open, which Nadal, the emperor of clay courts, has won 14 times, is a variable, but considering Nadal’s physical condition now, a question mark is attached to whether he will be able to win the French Open again.

In addition, Djokovic is tied for first place with Federer with six championships in the Men’s Professional Tennis (ATP) Finals, and has also won the Masters 1000 Series, the next level right after major tournaments, with 38 wins, making him the most winner ever. In particular, Djokovic is also the only player to have achieved the ‘Golden Masters’, winning all nine Masters 1000 series competitions once a year.After winning the Australian Open, Djokovic said, “This tournament was the most difficult challenge in my life. I can say that this win is the biggest victory in my life. I returned this year after not being able to play last year, but I am grateful to the fans who have welcomed and welcomed me without change.” Tsitsipas, who was Djokovic’s opponent, said, “The sport of tennis has developed because of your achievements, and many players have had a good influence. I respect you, and I was able to become a better player because of you.” Showed respect.

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