CP3’s groin injury, which was fatal… Possibility of series out

 I lost the starting point guard and lost the game.

The Phoenix Suns gave up both games 1 and 2 of the second round of the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets. In particular, the defeat in the second game held on the 2nd (Korean time) was even more painful.

Compared to the first game메이저사이트, Denver was pressed with a much improved defense. There was also a section where I stood in front, but I couldn’t keep the lead.

Chris Paul’s sudden injury in the third quarter was the starting point. Paul injured his groin during a contest with Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope. After jumping and landing, he touched the left part of his groin.

Paul, who left the court immediately, never returned. Backup guard Cameron Payne came in, and Phoenix’s three-point lead was quickly reversed.

Paul was born in 1985, so he is not young. Throughout his career, he had a hard time managing his body at the end of the season, to the extent that he missed eight games due to injury in the playoffs alone.

In the US, not only the absence of Game 3, but also the possibility of a series out is raised.

After the game, Phoenix coach Monty Williams said, “Paul couldn’t move at all.

Ace Devin Booker lowered his head even after playing an active role with 35 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Entering the playoffs, Booker has scored 35 points or more per game and has a 3-point shooting success rate approaching 50%.

On this day, all Phoenix players except Booker were sluggish, with Kevin Durant throwing 12 three-pointers and missing 10. Except for Booker and Durant, there was no player who made a 3-point shot.

If Paul is missing, Booker will have to take on the main ball handler duties as well. Manager Williams worried, “It was too much of a burden for Booker. He’s probably more tired than he looks. With Paul out, it’s more of a burden on Booker.”

Booker seems to be enjoying the pressure. I hope only the return of Paul, who is uncertain about the 3rd match, will happen quickly. “There are still a lot of playoff games left,” Booker said. I just want him to recover. We will be behind Paul.”

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