Convenience store clerk and players who turned into coast guards… ‘Tok-tok’ splashing recruitment announcement

 Professional soccer clubs, which are fiercely engaged in recruitment before the season begins, are fighting another war.
They are competing for the player recruitment announcement and how special they publicize the ‘Official’.
Reporter Choi Hyeong-gyu tells how he is capturing the attention of fans.

A man who entered a convenience store had a nice conversation with the clerk,

▶ Interview: Lee Si-young / FC Seoul defender
– “Huh? Did your brother come too?”

▶ Interview: Park Soo-il / FC Seoul defender
– “Should I give it to an envelope for 100 won?”

Another clerk eagerly fills the fridge with beer.

▶ Interview: Lim Sang-hyeop / FC Seoul striker
– “Guys, stop talking and help me!”

Surprisingly, this short video of about 100 seconds uploaded on YouTube is the official video of the announcement of the recruitment of the three players recruited by FC Seoul this season.

FC Seoul caught the attention of fans by announcing the recruitment of players using convenience stores and gas stations run by the parent company.

Last season’s winning team, Ulsan Hyundai, also jumped into the race to announce the unusual recruitment.

Ulsan, which recruited Joo Min-gyu, the top scorer in 2021, welcomed his return after 4 years with a scene where he transformed Joo Min-gyu into a coast guard and entered Ulsan Port. 토토

▶ Interview: Joo Min-gyu / Ulsan Hyundai striker
– “It seems like it was a meaningful time because the Coast Guard helped a lot. I hope there will be more official like this…”

Clubs are attracting the hearts of local fans as well as publicizing their hometowns, such as working with young footballers and utilizing local attractions.

Soccer fans’ eyes are becoming more enjoyable even before the opening thanks to the ‘recruitment announcement’, which is different from the existing signing ceremony in a suit.

This is Choi Hyung-gyu from MBN News.

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