Coach Cho Seong-hwan, who won the victory with an explosive attack, “The message from the fans, a big resonance for the players”

 “It seems that the fans’ messages resonated with the players.”

Incheon United coach Cho Seong-hwan met with reporters in the 16th round of the K-League 1 2023 between Daejeon Hana Citizen and Hana One Q at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 4th and expressed his gratitude to the fans.메이저사이트

Before the match against Daejeon, Incheon had 5 matches without a win (2 draws and 3 losses). This year, the Asian Football Confederation Champions League playoffs were made with great enthusiasm, and a large number of players were recruited, saying that they would definitely make it to the finals, but their performance was at the bottom. Only last season was the only one who did not play ‘King of Survival’, but this year he faced survival again.

Before the game, coach Jo said, “The fans brought words of encouragement to the clubhouse where it was raining. The players didn’t see the attachment situation, only me. seemed

The result was a success. Kim Bo-seop scored twice to secure a 3-1 victory. Mpoku, who was criticized for being a bit slow, also scored one goal and two assists, including a goal from a penalty kick.

At the official press conference after the match, coach Cho said, “Many fans supported the away game as well. Thank you. What is even more thankful is that fans came to the clubhouse after the match against Daegu FC and gave their hearts and messages. It resonated in the hearts of the players. It was because of this that today’s performance was possible. I am grateful to the fans, “he said, saying that it was a great stimulus.

Regarding Hong Si-hoo, who left due to an injury less than two minutes after the replacement, he explained, “I don’t have much time to play, but I prepare well.

A three-goal win feels good. Coach Cho encouraged him, saying, “I haven’t talked about scoring in the meantime, but the attacking team must have been mentally burdened. I think I need to shake it off today and show a better look.”

Regarding Mpoku’s performance, he said, “At the first meeting, he showed confidence that he would do everything the team wanted except for the goalkeeper. He performed his role and duties on the spot. He played a big role in bringing about the result.”

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