Chungnam Asan’s pledge to win against Seongnam… Director Park Dong-hyuk “Urgent task for reversing the atmosphere”

Chungnam Asan FC is going to escape from losing a losing streak against Seongnam FC.

Chungnam Asan will go on an expedition to Seongnam 메이저놀이터 and Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Round 3 at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 12th (Sun) at 1:30 pm.

Chungnam Asan lost 0-1 in the previous away game against Ansan Greeners. It is the second consecutive loss following the loss in the opening match against Gimcheon last time. He created scenes threatening Ansan’s goal several times, but failed to break Ansan’s goal due to bad luck, such as lack of concentration in front of the goal and missed penalty kicks.

Chungnam Asan is determined to win in order to escape the losing streak in the upcoming Seongnam game. However, Seongnam is also a formidable opponent. Until last season, he belonged to K League 1, and as a solid squad, he is classified as a candidate for promotion this season along with Sangmu Kim.

In order to escape the losing streak, stabilizing the defense is an urgent priority. Fortunately, ahead of the match against Seongnam, they succeeded in reinforcing the defense by recruiting central defender Jang Joon-young from Suwon FC. Jang Jun-young played a leading role in Suwon FC’s promotion in the 2020 season, and as a veteran with rich experience such as winning the National League and being selected as the Best 11, he is expected to be a great help to the Chungnam Asan defense team.

Based on the stabilization of the defense, they aim for Seongnam’s goal through quick counterattacks. The last match against Ansan was goalless, but Duarte showed several threatening passes and shootings, and Kang Min-gyu and Park Min-seo substituted and energized the attacking team with quick feet, making the next game even more exciting.

Coach Park Dong-hyuk, ahead of the Seongnam match, said, “In the last match against Ansan, there were many regrettable parts, such as the appearance of being complacent at the beginning of the game. Reversing the atmosphere is an urgent priority. In Seongnam, our team will do our best to prepare and prepare for the game.”

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