Choi Jeong, Sumire and Senko Cup Semifinals

2023 Senko Cup World Women’s Strongest Quarterfinals Choi
Jeong, 202 move unsuccessful to Rina Fujisawa

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) “Hello everyone. Nice to meet you after a long time. Thank you to all the sponsors. But I’m here to conquer this place. Really my go I will show you.”

At the eve of the festival, 9th Dan Choi Jeong greeted clearly in Japanese and expressed his determination. The atmosphere in the dining hall became very warm. Prior to departure, Choi Jeong, 9th dan, took the first step refreshingly바카라, expressing his determination to “resolve all the resentment accumulated during the Senko Cup this time.”

Choi Jeong, 9th dan, defeated Japan’s Rina Fujisawa, 6th dan, in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Senko Cup World Women’s Go Championship held at the Kaiie Hotel, Tokyo, Japan on the 3rd. 5 hours and 2 minutes, 202 counts of non-inheritance.

The phase, which started with a good start, almost caused difficulties with a few loose numbers, but took advantage by digging into the opponent’s gaps. After that, it’s a one-way flow.

Rina Fujisawa, 6-dan, has won 22 championships, and is a leading player in the Japanese women’s baduk world who currently holds the titles in the Women’s Masters Match and the Women’s Masters Match.

Choi Jeong, who finished runner-up at the Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation, a major world competition, has won seven women’s international competitions and won 25 professional championships, and has held the top spot in the domestic women’s rankings for 111 months. won 4 losses.

Their opponent in the semifinals is Sumire Nakamura, 3rd Dan. In the quarterfinals, Sumire lost to Kuyan Anha Ama 6th Dan, representing Vietnam, in 206 moves. Sumire Nakamura, 3rd Dan, who also learned to play Baduk in Korea, is a promising player who won the Japanese title last month at the age of 13 years and 1 month, the youngest in Japan.

Choi Jeong, 9th dan, defeated Sumire Nakamura, 3rd dan, with 172 wins in the Chinese Women’s Group League last year. This is the only official match between the two to date.

For Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, this tournament is high with the resolution of ‘four rounds and five seasons’. I participated in all the last four competitions, but I haven’t tasted the championship yet with 3rd place, runner-up, runner-up, and quarterfinals. It is a women’s international competition that has not been singled out since joining.

Meanwhile, in the opposite group, Ueno Asami, 4th Dan, defeated Lu Yuhua, 4th Dan, in 217 moves, and Zhou Hongyu, 6th Dan, defeated New Eiko, 4th Dan, in 205 moves.

The prize money for the Senko Cup hosted by Japan is 10 million yen (about 96 million won) for the winner, 3 million yen for the runner-up, 2 million yen for third place, 1 million yen for fourth place, and 200,000 yen for the quarterfinalists. The semi-finals will be held on the 4th and the finals will be held on the 5th. Match start time is 11:00 am.

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