Caught all three rabbits in one day Welcome Savings Bank advanced to the PBA Team League championship for three consecutive seasons

Wellbang Phoenix won 4-1 against NH Nonghyup Card Green Force in the 5th day of the 6th round, the final game of the PBA team league regular season held at Sono Calm Goyang, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 12th, and reported 3 wins (2 losses). did. Wellbang Phoenix, who recorded 14 wins and 5 losses in the second half league, which started from round 4 with two games left, maintained the gap with SK Rent-A-Car Direct (11 wins, 8 losses), which was lost in the subsequent match against Blue One Angels, to 3 wins, winning the second half league championship. Confirmed. Wellbang Phoenix, who had been tied for 3rd place in the first half league (rounds 1-3), but was actually pushed to the bottom, delayed advancing to the postseason (PS), where the two teams advance, also added a win in the NH Nonghyup Card Match that day, settling in PS as well as Even the regular league integrated championship was confirmed. Playing 40 games this season, it was largely thanks to the fact that he raised the win rate from 52.4% (11 wins) in the first season to 74.7% in the second season.Wellbang Phoenix, who won the regular league championship twice in a row following last season, has also confirmed its advance to the championship match for three consecutive seasons. Wellbang Phoenix, who rose to the championship with 1st place in the first season of the team league, where the final 1st and 2nd place covered the first champion by only playing the regular league without pre- and post-season leagues, achieved the integrated first place last season, and this time, with two games to go, He succeeded in getting first place in the championship game for consecutive seasons. Hana Card 1Q Pay and TS Shampoo/Puradak Heroes, the 1st and 2nd teams in the first season, arrived early in the postseason, and Wellbang Phoenix took another ticket with a combined victory that day, and SK Rent-A-Car, which recorded 11 wins side by side , Blue One, and Nonghyup Card were focused on the ‘three-way battle’ for second place.SK Rent-A-Car, which was in second place in the second half of the league, which was trying to stop Wellbang Phoenix from winning the combined championship, lost 1-4 to Blue One and was unable to narrow the number of rides to 3. got into a situation NH Nonghyup Card, which lost to Wellbang, also failed to accumulate a multiplier from 11 wins. On the other hand, Blue One, which stayed in 4th place, overtook SK Rent-a-Car and reported its 11th win, joining the 2nd place group without a ride and seizing the opportunity for a ‘reversal at the last minute온라인바카라

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