‘Billiard Queen’ Slong Piabi’s love for her motherland… Open billiards tournament and donate donations

Slong Piabi recently held a billiards tournament under her name in Cambodia, her home country. He also visited three local elementary schools in Cambodia along with officials from ‘Pia Bi Hankam Sarang’, a Korean billiards player, and a photographer, who are the organizers of the tournament, and delivered sponsorship items.

‘Piabi Hancam Love스포츠토토‘ recently revealed that they had such a schedule in Cambodia from the 16th to the 21st.

In the ‘Slong Piabi Cup Billiards Contest’ held on the 20th, Slong Piabi, Yuju Lee, Bora Kim, Hani Lee, Jonghyun Noh, Hancom Sarang sponsored player Chan Dara (Cambodia), and Bao from Vietnam participated. In addition, cues and extensions sponsored by TPOK (CEO Jeon Nam-soo), a Korean billiard equipment company, were delivered to Chan Dara.

After the billiards tournament, Slong Piabi said, “I wanted to create a sports boom for healthy hobbies and health promotion for Cambodians who lack the ability to enjoy sports and other hobbies due to high prices compared to the economic level.”

In addition, on the 18th and 19th, a Cambodian delegation such as Throng Piabi visited three elementary schools in Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom and delivered a large amount of sponsorship items (clothes, school supplies, insect repellent, butane gas, etc.) to local residents and students. Kampong Cham is the hometown of Slong Piabi.

The schedule was attended by Slong Piabi, the Korean team, directors Park Jeong and Park Jong-hee of ‘Piabi Hancam Love’, and photographer Park Yong-sun.

On the other hand, Throng Piabi is scheduled to participate in the SEA GAME (Southeast Asian Games) held in May.

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