Baseball’s secondary draft is back…with a maximum of five picks

The secondary draft in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), which has been introduced and abandoned due to various controversies, will be revived.

온라인바카라We have decided to hold the third board meeting in 2023 and revive the secondary draft to level up the league and ensure more opportunities for players,” the KBO said on Wednesday.

The secondary draft, which was held every other year from 2011 to 2019, was cancelled in 2021 and the Future Free Agent System was implemented in 2021 and 2022. However, the futures free agency system was abolished after it was pointed out that it was not able to actively move players compared to the secondary draft. Since then, the KBO has been discussing reinstating it with improvements to the secondary draft.

The secondary draft, which will be reinstated after the 2023 season, will be held on a biennial basis as before, with picks being made in rounds one to three.

The number of protected players will be reduced from 40 to 35 to encourage player movement. Players in their first three years of eligibility, current year free agents, and players traded for compensatory free agent contracts prior to the second round are not eligible to be drafted. If a player declares a pass in a higher round, he is still eligible to be drafted in the next round.

Nominations will be made in the reverse order of the previous season’s results in each round. After each club’s first to third round nominations, the bottom three clubs in the standings will have two additional nominations, for a maximum of five nominations. A team can nominate up to four players to avoid skewing player nominations towards a particular club.

The transfer fee is 400 million won in the first round, 300 million won in the second round, and 200 million won in the third round. The fourth round and below, which is reserved for the bottom three teams, is worth 100 million won. In the previous draft, held in 2019, the transfer fee was 300 million won for the first round, 200 million won for the second round, and 100 million won for the third and later rounds.

The mandatory registration rule has also been newly established. Teams that acquire players in the second round of the draft must register them for at least 50 days for the first round and 30 days for the second round during the season. There is no mandatory registration for third-rounders and below.

If a team does not meet the criteria within two years of drafting a player, the player will be returned to his original club after the end of the second season. If the team does not wish to reinstate the player, the player will be declared a free agent. If the player returns to the original club, 50% of the transfer fee will be returned to the transferring club.

Meanwhile. The KBO Board of Directors also deliberated and voted on amendments to the National Team Operating Regulations. As the Hangzhou Asian Games in October will be held without league interruption, it was decided to compensate national team players with the number of active player registrations in addition to national team reward points.

Also, in addition to the sanctions under Article 151 [Impairment of Dignity] of the KBO Rules, the board decided to impose disciplinary measures such as disqualification from participation in the national team for a period of one year or more and loss of national reward points earned in the tournament, depending on the case.

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