Bang Shin-sil, ‘300 yard super long hit’ made after overcoming trials

These days, 19-year-old rookie Bang Sin-sil, who is known for her incredible long hits, is a hot topic in domestic women’s golf. There was an unexpected story behind his rebirth as a long hitter.

19-year-old Bang Shin-sil, who debuted on the regular tour this year, immediately caught the fans’ attention with an exciting long hit of 270m and 300 yards.

[Bang Shin-sil카지노사이트 (19 years old, 173cm): Every time I hit, the cheers are very loud, but I think I’m excited and thrilled too.] Even though I only

participated in three non-full-seed, conditional seed-dragon competitions, two of them competed for championships in the championship group. and has already become a popular star.

[It’s so amazing that so many people recognize him.]

There was a big ordeal behind the splendid long hit.

He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism two years ago while playing for the national team, and faced the biggest crisis of his career as he lost 10kg and suffered extreme fatigue.

[sorry. I suffered a lot. I couldn’t even get results and it was difficult.] I’m

almost completely cured now, but correcting it with a swing that reduces stamina consumption during the fight against the disease became the secret to increasing the distance.

[Before, I used to swing with my arms, but now I changed to a ‘hip-turn’ swing, so the distance seems to have increased.]

On top of that, while focusing on training to increase the swing speed last winter, Bang Shin-sil’s long shots gained even more wings.

Bang Sin-sil will challenge for the first championship again at the Doosan Match Play Championship, which will be held from today (17th).

[I want to go up to the maximum I can go up. The goal is to reach the finals. Fighting!]

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