Atlanta appoints Snyder as manager… 5 year contract

The Atlanta Hawks are quick to appoint their next manager.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski, Atlanta has announced that they are appointing Queen Snyder as manager.

Atlanta fired head coach Nate McMillan last week. Even though the manager was fired during the season, he immediately wanted to find a new manager. This is because when a new coach comes in during the season, there are a lot of complicated issues as well as establishing a relationship with the existing coach. Even so, Atlanta spurred the work of appointing a manager.

There were several candidates in the field메이저놀이터, but director Snyder was mentioned as a strong candidate. Atlanta’s leadership evaluated him as a candidate to change the team’s culture. Then came the news last weekend that Atlanta and Snyder would agree to an $8 million a year contract. This time, it seems that the final contract was concluded as the five-year contract was confirmed.

Coach Snyder decided not to work with the Utah Jazz after last season. As he took office when the composition of players was somewhat weak and strengthened the team sequentially, it is expected that his unique leadership will be demonstrated in Atlanta, which is equipped with power. However, since he was appointed during the season, it is presumed that he will focus on identifying players and building tactics as much as possible during the remaining time rather than exerting his power right away.

Coach Snyder is expected to sit in the command tower in the home game against the Washington Wizards on the 1st (Korean time) at the earliest. After firing McMillan, Atlanta coach Joe Fronty is leading the team as acting head coach. Now that a new coach is in place, the existing coaches will soon play their roles in their original positions.

Atlanta ventured to change managers during the season. because I couldn’t pass the time. In Utah, coach Snider made a good mix of existing players, centering on Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland) and Rudy Gobert (Minnesota). Atlanta has an all-star backcourt led by Trey Young, DeJohnte Murray, and John Collins. The distribution of tactics and the use of existing players are important.

Meanwhile, Atlanta is 30-30 so far this season, approaching a .500 win rate. They are in 8th place in the Eastern Conference, so they can aim for a playoff spot. They are 1.5 games behind the Miami Heat, 7th in the conference, and half a game ahead of the Toronto Raptors, 9th in the conference, so they are in a precarious position. It is not an easy situation right now to aim for self-advancement.

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