“At any cost… Dodgers recruit Ohtani” prospect of 10-year free agent contract

There is a prospect that the Los Angeles Dodgers will recruit Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who will be released as a free agent after the season, at any cost. A 10-year contract is also expected.

Reporter Juan Toribio, who is in charge of the Dodgers on the official Major League homepage ‘MLB.com’, appeared on the American baseball podcast ‘Foul Territory’ on the 12th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) and announced that the Dodgers are highly likely to recruit Ohtani.

Reporter Toribio said,메이저사이트 “The Dodgers will do anything to recruit Ohtani for the upcoming offseason.” Owners will also be very happy to see a player like Ohtani wearing a Dodgers uniform.”

“Dodgers President Andrew Friedman does not favor long-term contracts. Except for Muki Betts, no player has signed a contract for more than 10 years, but if Ohtani asks for a 10-year contract, we will review it.”

President Friedman, who has been leading the Dodgers as the head of the front desk since November 2014, is a style that calmly evaluates the value of players, distinguishes between players to be caught and players that are not necessary, and sticks to reasonable contracts.

[OSEN=Reporter Hyungjun Ji] Los Angeles Dodgers President Andrew Friedman. /jpnews@osen.co.kr

Conservative for high-risk long-term contracts, but if you are a reliable player, you will not spare large investments. In July 2020, he signed an extension contract with outfielder Betts for a whopping 12 years and $365 million, and in March of last year, he also signed first baseman Freddie Freeman as a free agent for six years and $162 million.

The Dodgers did not sign a large free agent ahead of this season. With the exclusion of high-paid players such as Trey Turner (Philadelphia), Juston Turner (Boston), Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs), Craig Kimbrel (Philadelphia), and David Price (retired), the total team salary has decreased significantly. Last year, it fell from first place (about $ 270 million) to fifth place (about $ 225 million). It can be interpreted as preliminary preparation to catch Ohtani, whose ransom is expected to be at least 500 million dollars.

To Ohtani, who is thirsty for victory, the Dodgers, who are eternal favorites, are a more attractive team. Of course, the Dodgers aren’t the only ones wanting Ohtani. You have to beat the competition. Reporter Toribio cited the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and New York Mets as competing teams, and saw the Dodgers’ chances of recruiting as 45-50%.

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