“Are you thinking of coaching Hanshin?” When asked, Oh Seung-hwan said, “If you have a chance, definitely”

40-year-old veteran ‘Stone Buddha’ Oh Seung-hwan talked about his plans after retirement. I don’t have any plans to retire right now, but I think I can lead a leadership life in Japan later. 

Japan’s ‘Sponichianex’ posted an interview article with Oh Seung-hwan, who is training at the Okinawa spring camp on the 4th. Oh Seung-hwan played for the Hanshin Tigers in 2014 and 2015 and played a big role, winning the Central League Salvation King for two consecutive years. Almost 10 years later, Hanshin fans still remember Oh Seung-hwan as a ‘guardian’.

In this interview, Oh Seung-hwan said, “I’m preparing for the end of this year as well.”

When asked about his motivation, Oh Seung-hwan said, “Lee Dae-ho has retired.”

He said, “I don’t care about being old. Veteran players talk about age before skill or skill, and I want to change that (tide).”먹튀검증 .

However, it is clear that Seunghwan Oh’s end as a player is not that far away. Oh Seung-hwan asked, “Will I be able to do something related to Japan, such as coaching Hanshin?” If I get a chance, I think I can go and study. I think I can tell you my secrets, so I really want to try it if I get a chance.”

Oh Seung-hwan said, “It is the most difficult thing to keep the basics even in the professional world, but Japanese players are good at it,” and revealed the merits of Japanese baseball, laughing, “Now all the players I have worked with are coaches.” 

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