Archery team, World Cup 2nd round sortie… World Championship – Asian Games preparations in earnest

The archery national team will participate in the 2nd round of the 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup held in Shanghai, China.

A total of 297 players토토사이트 from 40 countries will participate in the 2nd World Cup, and it will be held for a total of 6 days from the 16th to the 21st.

The team, led by national coach Kim Seong-hun, arrived in Shanghai, China on the 13th and completed local adaptation training. Starting with the official practice on the morning of the 16th, the full-scale competition schedule will be digested.

Starting with the second round of the World Cup, the national team will prepare for the World Championships to be held in Berlin, Germany in July and August and the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will open in September.

In this event, 4 men and 4 players each in recurve and compound will compete to win a total of 10 gold medals in individual, team and mixed team events.

The 8 recurve players, including Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall), Kim Je-deok (Yecheon County Office), Oh Jin-hyeok (Hyundai Steel), Ansan (Gwangju Women’s University), and Kang Chae-young (Hyundai Mobis), who won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics Starting with the curve qualifying round, the medal hunt begins.

Coach Kim said, “The players have been well prepared. “I will do my best to win many medals at the World Championships and Asian Games, using this World Cup as a stepping stone.”

The compound (20th) and recurve (11:00 a.m. on the 21st and above) team finals of the 2nd World Cup competition will be broadcast live on SPOTV2, a sports channel.

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