Another shortstop for 360 billion? Successful recruitment of SD was possible because of Kim Ha-seong, the ‘all-around man’

The San Diego Padres’ desire to win was evident in the offseason. San Diego, which secured Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. through mega-contracts, added Xander Bogatz (31) to the shortstop position.메이저놀이터,

It cost a whopping 280 million dollars (about 360 billion won). However, concerns followed. This is because there were not a few people who could play as shortstops, including Kim Ha-seong (28), who was one of the three final candidates for the National League (NL) Gold Glove last year.

Still, Bogaerts is proving why San Diego signed him. On the 16th, the MLB official website,, focused on the defense of Bogarts.

A former Silver Slugger with a career record of 706 homers, Bogarts is an outstanding hitter, but he also has a talent as a shortstop. said, “Bogatz has proven on defense for two and a half months.” “He ranks fourth in OAA (Outs Above Average), which is the treatment of outcounts against average by Statcast. He has not made a mistake since April.” highly evaluated.

“Shortstops generally don’t get better with age, but Bogaerts seems to be an exception. A lot of it is because he’s embraced his strengths.”
He, who did not score high in defense, checked this part. said, “It is risky to change many parts, but two years ago in the summer, Bogarts did not like the indicators of his defense and decided to take the risk.” His DRS (Defensive Runs Saved), which indicates how many runs he saved, fell from -13 to -5.

“I mean (after the second half) it’s +8, but nobody saw it, because people just look at the final number,” said Bogatz.

The Padres believed in Bogaerts’ defensive value. He is the reason he recruited Bogatz even in a situation where shortstop resources are overflowing. said, “There were too many shortstop resources on the roster. Ha-seong Kim is still an elite shortstop who plays at second base,” but “The Padres are paying him to play shortstop on a team full of shortstops. The strategy pays off. The Padres’ lineup of five shortstops is doing well. Ha-Sung Kim is the best second baseman, worth an OAA 7. Jake Cronenworth and Machado are two of the best corner defenders. Fernando Tatis Jr. is great in right field. It’s showing activity,” he said.

There is no need to explain Ha-seong Kim. Even as he moves to second base, he is rated as one of the best this season. Contribution to victory compared to defensive substitutes ranks first in all positions and in both leagues. Not only from the command tower, but also from the field, praise is not spared. That’s why the recruiting effect of Bogatz is more prominent. explained, “In some ways, the Padres are one of the best defensive units this season,” and “the transformation of Bogarts is key.”

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