‘Amano Incident’ Road FC Jung Mun-hong’s edition of Hong Myung-bo… “Understand the frustrating feeling one hundred times”

Road FC chairman Jung Moon-hong posted on his social media account that he understood the feelings of Ulsan Hyundai manager Hong Myung-bo, who was outraged by the transfer of Japanese midfielder Amano Jun.

The incident started when Jun Amano, who played on loan to Ulsan Hyundai, transferred from his original team, Yokohama, to Jeonbuk Hyundai on loan ahead of this season.

Jun Amano insisted that Ulsan Hyundai had never held a formal negotiation position, but manager Hong Myung-bo explained the negotiation process at a press conference and refuted Amano Jun’s remarks.

Manager Hong said, “When I first talked to me, I said, ‘Money is not important,’ but in the end, I moved to Jeonbuk because of money.” It became a hot topic, saying, “It is the worst.” 카지노사이트

Chairman Moon-Hong Jeong has been running Road FC and has experienced numerous situations. He also fostered disciples and contributed greatly to the future of MMA in Korea. Considering various factors and running the event, Director Hong Myung-bo’s Being able to understand one’s heart.

President Jung Moon-hong said, “I don’t completely agree with director Hong Myung-bo’s remarks, but I sympathize a hundred times with his frustrated mind. If you make a statement like this, you say ‘feeling small’, and the leader says ‘you have to be generous’.” I do,” he said honestly.

“If players don’t like it, they act as they please without considering the position of the association or team, and if they don’t like it from their point of view, they expose it, and the forces that have been pushed out of the mainstream want to overthrow them by writing comments and manipulating public opinion. incite again If you don’t respond to each and every one and suffer from pain, you’ll get an unfair false accusation.”

Because unexpected situations happen in the sports world, unfair victims often come out. That’s why it’s important to look at the case from a multi-faceted perspective.

President Jeong Moon-hong said, “It’s a turbid world where we don’t know how to deal with it, but I think Director Hong Myung-bo, who speaks out rather than being treated as an old-fashioned old man, is also ‘adjusting to the trend of the times’. The public is on the side of the players rather than the coaches or associations, and as a result, the players are also confidently voicing their voices. 

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