Al Nasr opened his mouth.. “Ronaldo, 2030 World Cup Saudi Arabia ambassador? Contract clause X”

Saudi Arabia’s team Al Nasr, which recently recruited Cristiano Ronaldo (38), gave their position on the story of Ronaldo’s ‘2030 World Cup Saudi Arabia ambassador’.

On the 11th (Korean time), Al Nasr said on the club’s official social media account, “The contract between Ronaldo and Al Nasr does not entail the condition of being a public relations ambassador for the 2030 World Cup. I want to make this clear.”

“Ronaldo’s interest is to work with the club and teammates towards Al Nasr’s success,” he added.

Ronaldo signed an official contract with Al Nasr last month. Details of the contract are not known, but it is known that Al-Nasr pays Ronaldo 200 million euros (276 billion won) annually, including annual salary, for two and a half years. 토토사이트

When the unexpected news of Ronaldo’s trip to Saudi Arabia spread, a number of foreign media, including Spanish media ‘Marca’ and British media ‘Mirror’, said, “After Ronaldo finishes his two and a half year playing career at Al Nasr, Egypt, Greece and We will take the lead in promoting Saudi Arabia, which is promoting co-hosting of the 2030 World Cup together.” Ronaldo will become the ambassador for Saudi Arabia’s bid for the World Cup.

As rumors circulated that Ronaldo would accompany Saudi Arabia until 2030, rumors of a two-team contract emerged.

It was an uncomfortable news for Portugal, ‘Ronaldo’s homeland’. Portugal is also aiming to co-host the 2030 World Cup with Spain and Ukraine. If Ronaldo works hard to co-host the World Cup with Saudi Arabia, he will stand on the opposite side of his home country.

The situation was put to rest once Al-Nasr made a statement on the day.

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