‘Ahead of opting out’ E-Road, AL Cy Young? ‘6G-ERA 0.43’

Eduardo Rodriguez (30, Detroit Tigers), who has not been able to produce good results despite high expectations, is surprising ahead of the opt-out execution.

Rodriguez threw메이저사이트 51 2/3 innings in eight games of the season until the 11th (Korean time), recording 4 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 1.57. 47 strikeouts.

It wasn’t good in his first 2 games, giving up 7 runs in 10 innings, but in the following 6 games, he gave up just 2 runs in 41 2/3 innings. The average ERA in the last 6 games has reached 0.43.

Rodriguez signed a five-year, $77 million contract with Detroit in 2022. This includes the conditions for opting out after the 2023 season.

As a result, Rodriguez can qualify as a free agent (FA) player after this season. Virtually last chance to land a big contract.

Rodriguez made his major league debut in 2015 with the Boston Red Sox. At the time, the expectation Rodriguez received was the Cy Young Award level.

Since then, Rodriguez threw 947 2/3 innings in 176 games until last year, recording an average ERA of 4.15, but this season he is living up to those expectations.

Detroit had a 17-19 win rate of 0.472 through the 11th. However, due to the downward leveling of the American League Central District, the gap with the district’s first place is only two games.

So, if Rodriguez continues to show his current form as an ace, Detroit can also challenge for the postseason.

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