Ace mode activated, ‘193cm blocker’ Yoon Jun-sik

 Yoon Jun-sik (193cm, G, F) activated the ace mode and played a role as the driving force behind the team’s victory.

Yeosu Hwayang 크크크벳High School defeated Naksaeng High School 75-62 on the first day of the preliminary round for the 2023 Federation Presidency National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Tournament, which opened at the auxiliary gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 2nd. Hwayang High School, which led slightly in the first half (43-42), delivered the news of victory in the second half with a stable air-defense balance.

Hwayang High School ace Yoon Jun-sik was the game that stood out the most. Playing full-time, he stood out in many ways with 28 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 steals, including 3 3-pointers. In addition, he also showed off his splendor as a blocker with 6 block shots.

Yoon Jun-sik, whom we met after the game, said, “We prepared an attack focused on speed. It worked out as planned, and there were good results. He looked back on the game that day, saying, “I think the shooting condition of the players was good overall.”

Continuing to talk, he said, “I’m on the tall side of the team. So, he deepened his assist defense and tried to avoid scoring under the goal as much as possible. I practiced to block the inside and the rest of the players blocked the outside shot, and the prepared defense was good,” he said, conveying the driving force behind the victory.

Yoon Jun-sik is a resource who can play from a point guard to a small forward with a height of over 190 cm. He is talented in many ways, to the extent that he even says he wants to become a hexagonal player.

“I can do everything from number 1 (point guard) to number 3 (small forward). Among them, I think number 1 is the position that suits me the best. I feel most comfortable when I play as a point guard. However, because of the team’s circumstances, I have to attack, so I feel thirsty for assists.” These are the words of Yoon Jun-sik.

On this day, he focused on defense under the goal and played his role as a rim protector brilliantly. To this, he briefly replied, “The timing of the block shot was well matched.”

Hwayang High School reached the final stage in both previous competitions. However, Yoon Jun-sik said, “The performances in both competitions were below expectations. So, ahead of this competition, I increased my exercise volume. Due to the hiatus caused by the injury, it seems that his physical condition has finally improved. So, I want to show my ability more in this competition.”

The first game was decorated with victory, but the remaining schedule is not easy. Hwayang High School is scheduled to play against Samil High School and Whimoon High School.

Yoon Jun-sik, who turned his attention to the remaining games, said, “I don’t think the difference in power is large. If you work with more concentration than today, you have a good chance. I want to win the remaining two games through meetings with my teammates. The first goal is to advance to the finals.”

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