A total of 800.4 billion won? ESPN 26 expert survey… Ohtani’s ransom is sky-high

The ransom of Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels) is skyrocketing.

ESPN, an American sports channel, reported on the 9th (Korean time) a survey on Ohtani’s free agent (FA) contract conducted with 26 MLB executives, agents and officials. Ohtani, who debuted in the big leagues in 2018, gets free agent status after this season. There is high interest in his next destination and the size of his contract. ESPN said that among the 26 people who responded to the survey, Ohtani’s free agency contracts were signed by six with a total value of less than $500 million (661.5 billion won), 14 with a total of $500 million to $549 million (661.5 billion to 726.3 billion won), and $550 million ( 727.7 billion won) or more, said six experts.

The contract period 안전놀이터was up to 13 years, and the total amount varied up to 605 million dollars (800.4 billion won). The average sum of 23 people who predicted a contract period of 9 years or more was 524.3 million dollars (693.5 billion won). The annual average (11 years) amount was 47.5 million dollars (62.8 billion won). ESPN said, ‘There is no free agent player to be compared to Ohtani,’ and ‘Ohtani is a rare player who can make a real difference in ticket sales, copyright contracts, and sponsorship. Teams who sign with Ohtani are guaranteed a return on their investment in addition to their performance on the pitch.” The New York Yankees, New York Mets, and San Diego Padres were variously mentioned as destinations. Considering Ohtani’s intention to remain in the West, there were voices predicting a move to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

ESPN said, “Mike Trout (Angels) signed a 12-year contract in 2019 for a total of 430 million dollars (569.6 billion won), which is the largest guaranteed amount in North American professional sports history. Most respondents think Ohtani can easily overcome this,” said Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) of MiPro Football for 2020, 10 years, for a total of $450 million (596.2 billion won). Including the bonus, it has a total potential value of $503 million (666.4 billion won), but at the time of the contract, not even half of this mega deal was guaranteed.’

The highest annual average amount in MLB history is $43.3 million (57.4 billion won) by Max Scherzer (New York Mets). The longest contract is 14 years for Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres). The longest contract among free agents is 13 years for Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies). ESPN said, “If you apply the largest factor that exists in each contract type (Tatis 14 years, Scherzer $43.3 million), you will receive a total of $606 million (802.9 billion won). This is a figure that meets the upper limit of the forecast range,’ predicting the possibility of a big deal totaling $ 600 million (794.9 billion won).

Ohtani is a ‘dual sword’ that can be both a pitcher and a hitter. He has appeared in 33 games as a hitter this season, with a batting average of 0.295 (38 hits in 129 at-bats), 7 homers and 20 RBIs. He also made seven starts as a pitcher and is cruising with a 4-0, 2.54 earned run average. The possibility of staying with the Angels cannot be ignored, but ESPN put more weight on the transfer than staying.

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