I would have liked to publish it last weekend, but the housewife’s remorse prevailed and I therefore had to leave out the fun to dedicate myself to household chores…
…let’s pretend today is Saturday October 13th, you’ll understand why later.
Saturday morning is an opportunity to spend time with my little sister, we usually take the opportunity to run errands that we just can’t do during the week. But this Saturday has a commitment … do you want to accompany me?
I have chosen one of the itineraries that we usually take but, just for you, I have organized it in the same way I prepare my itineraries to discover new cities. In practice, I always start from the shops and markets that are “absolutely worth visiting”, I study the distances between them, the areas to cross, the means that could help me reach them quickly, the monuments I might come across, after which I prepare a schedule with all the stages , to be strictly followed step by step… optimizing times allows you to make the most of even just one day of stay J
We will start from the central square with the large fountain, PIAZZA DE FERRARI and, to give you an idea of ​​what some of the shops we will enter sell, along the post you will find, in addition to various information to reach them, also links (click on the names) and some shots of some of my purchases, made over the years.
Obviously, along the way there won’t be much time to stop and admire the various monuments or buildings, but I will certainly give you some tips.토토사이트

Well, are you all there? Let’s go!
First, welcome to my beautiful city!
To fill up on energy for this very intense shopping trip, can I offer you breakfast? So let’s cross the threshold of the main door of PALAZZO DUCALE. Before continuing to our first stop, while you browse the atrium, I want to give you some information that may be of interest to someone. In certain periods, in addition to hosting exhibitions and events, and in the culinary field the “world championship of pesto al mortaio” is one of the most famous (the last edition was that of March 17), the Palace also offers visitors appointments with antiques and exhibitors selling excellent handicrafts and food and wine products. From October 11 until tomorrow (October 14 J) there is the twelfth edition “Bonjour La France”… “Epices and Love”, “La Maison du savon de Marseille”, “Charcuterie Boudil”, “Traditions du Gers en Gascogne”, “Douce” are only a part of the exhibitors you can meet… about Douce…

… we go out through the left side door, the one facing PIAZZA MATTEOTTI, we stop for a moment at number 84 R, I want you to taste the fantastic croissants and other delicacies of “DOUCE” , prepared by the great maître patîssier Michel Paquier… remember his name ? I was able to tell you about his courses, which I was lucky enough to attend (and of which you have seen some results), but someone will also remember him because in 2011 he was awarded the title of “emerging pastry chef in the ‘year”… take a good look around… there are so many things to look around, details to grasp, the showcase of sweets to admire, full of small masterpieces, a real marvel even for the eyes… and you might even be lucky enough to meet him in person,
Coffee break over? We proceed to the second stage…

… cross the road and take the SALITA POLLAIUOLI descent. At VIA DI CANNETO IL LUNGO, turn right: walk along the alley until you reach the fish market located at no. 50 R, we turn left and take VIA CHIABRERA. After PIAZZA DEI GIUSTINIANI, we walk all the way down VIA CHIABRERA… I see that you are attracted by the shop windows on your right… don’t worry, this is one of our destinations! we turn the corner, at CIVICO 32 R of VIA DI S. BERNARDO, here is the main entrance of the ancient “M. TORIELLI” grocery store , since 1920.
I need to restore some supplies from my pantry: oregano, madras curry, pistachio paste, glucose, maltitol, saffron, matcha tea, toasted hazelnuts.

What you see in the photo is really a very small part of what they can offer you; click on the name of the store, on Youtube I found a video that will show you the inside better, with the shelves full of jars full of spices and herbs, boxes containing teas and infusions, and then preserves, sugar, salt, soaps, and much more even more.

We go back and, following VIA CHIABRERA again, until the end, we come out in PIAZZA SAN LORENZO, where you can admire the beautiful CATHEDRAL. We pass the façade, take VIA DI SCURRERIA and go down to CIVICO 17 R: “L’ANGOLO DI SCURRERIA” is the shop where, I’m sure, I will find the glass jar that will have to contain that special flour that is still in its original packaging… ps those who know my cuisine know that I already have several glass containers, but they are another passion I just can’t resist J

In this shop you can find items for the table and for the home, tin boxes, baskets, stamps and original ribbons.

We go out and walk all the way down, turn right and take the road on our left: we go up through VICO DI SAN MATTEO and in PIAZZETTA TAVARONE we enter CIVICO 15: this shop also has items for the kitchen and they have a vast assortment of porcelain from Maxwell & Williams… remember my post “la maison blanche”? Some pieces come right from here! Further on you will find the link that will give you more information about this shop.

We walk uphill to the top, we arrive in PIAZZA SAN MATTEO, take a look at the Church of San Matteo, we turn left and take VIA DAVID CHIOSSONE: we walk along it for a while and, at the height of VICO FALAMONICA, we turn left and go down VICO DEL FIENO, we enter at CIVICO 15, “LA CASA DELLA CARTA”.

It’s one of my beloved “paper emporiums”, where I usually find everything I need to make some “things” look more detailed: brown-colored bags, to pack preserves to give away to friends; the transparent ones, to put home-made biscuits on display; boxes for favors, to enclose the sweet placeholder to give to my guests and then a wall full of ribbons, of all kinds, animated, checkered, organza… you’ll be spoiled for choice J

We go downhill to PIAZZA SOZIGLIA, turn right and take VIA LUCCOLI… we are crossing PIAZZETTA MERLI, can’t you smell a certain scent too? I know where it comes from, follow me! We go up to VICO DELLA CASANA, on the right, at CIVICO 1 R there is something boiling in the pot… for tripe lovers, this old shop is the right place to buy it!

Let’s go up again and stop at CIVICO 32 R: are you ready to cross the threshold of a cook’s paradise? He is “COOKING DELPINO” my official supplier! Let’s go in!
I’m always missing something but, even if that’s not the case, it’s always a pleasure to come in to say hello and to have a chat.

Also in this photo there is a very small part of what I have and what they have. Do you need that particular riding crop? They have all kinds! Do you need cercle a tarte? There are! And the mold for making corzetti? There he is! The thermal siphon? They have that too! You ask and your every wish will be granted! You will find yourself faced with a varied choice of molds in silicone, aluminium, polycarbonate for chocolates, paper molds for loaf pans and panettone, cookie cutters and pastry rings of all shapes and sizes, absolutely essential tools and some really sought-after and still pots, pans, pans, all for the art of cake design. You can also go upstairs, there are crockery, glasses, furnishings and furnishings; they have everything, absolutely everything for those who have an infinite passion for cooking and their home.
Hey, we have to move on! Yes, I know you would have bought the whole store, for me it’s a constant temptation and leaving the store empty handed is an impossible feat J

… we turn left, we walk down the alley, still VIA DAVID CHIOSSONE, to the end, we turn left again and take the descent that takes us back to VIA LUCCOLI, we turn right and we arrive at CIVICO 64 R, we enter the “LA MELAGRANATA” shop .

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