A ‘drunk pitcher’ made a save in the World Series? “214 wins legend, finished with 3 balls” testimony came out

‘The pitcher won the save while drunk?’

It is becoming a hot topic with claims that this situation, which is unlikely to exist even in local baseball, actually happened in the US Major League World Series.메이저놀이터

All-Star catcher AJ Piezinski (47, retired), who played in the major leagues for 19 years, appeared on the US online media ‘Foul Territory’ on the 12th (Korean time) and mentioned a fellow player who pitched drunk in the past World Series. did.

According to Pierzynski, this happened on October 25, 2005 (local time) during Game 3 of the World Series between the Chicago White Sox and Houston. The game was a close match that went to the 14th inning. The White Sox scored two runs in the top of the 14th inning and took a 7-5 lead, but were soon driven into a crisis with two out on first and third base in the bottom of the 14th inning.

The pitcher who pitched in relief at this time was Mark Burleigh (44, retired). Having previously started in the second game of the World Series and scored 4 runs in 7 innings without a win or loss, he got back on the mound just two days later and won a save by catching Adam Everett with a shortstop fly in just 3 balls. The White Sox, who had three consecutive victories, even won the fourth game and won the World Series for the first time in 88 years with a four-game winning streak.
Fierzinski, who was replaced in the ninth inning after playing as the starting catcher for the White Sox in the game, testified the situation at the time, saying, “At that time, Burleigh went to the mound drunk. He was not just drunk, but completely drunk.”

He continued, “Starting pitchers never drink alcohol on the day they pitch. But the case of pitchers waiting in the bullpen is different.” drinking was not uncommon.

Burleigh, who made his major league debut in 2000 in a White Sox uniform, is a legendary pitcher who left a record of 214 wins and 160 losses in his 16 years in the big leagues until his retirement in 2015 in Toronto uniform. He was also selected as an All-Star pitcher five times. In 2005, when he won the ‘Drinking Save’, he won 16 wins in the regular season and played an active part in winning the championship, and from 2001 to his retirement season, he posted double-digit wins for 15 consecutive years.
Non-pitchers in the major leagues don’t drink alcohol openly, but there have been instances where they have played chewing tobacco mixed with whiskey. A South American player who spent his prime with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the first thing he did after putting on his uniform in the clubhouse before a game was to mix honey and whiskey with chewing tobacco.

At the time, the reporter, who was looking at it curiously, smiled and explained the manufacturing process. First, open the package of chewing tobacco and squeeze a certain amount of honey in a plastic tube into it. Then, after looking around, add a mini whiskey that is handed out on the plane when no one else is watching. Then mix it well with a spoon and pour it into your mouth, and you are ready to compete on the day. We don’t know what the player’s blood alcohol level was at the time, but he was in a real ‘drinking match’

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