A 34-year-old captain batting at No. 7? I can’t believe it… KIA’s 0.877 batting OPS is ‘breathtaking’

The resting page is gone. As such, the best batting order for Kim Sun-bin, who returned on the 8th, is the 7th. Lee Woo-sung’s batting is not very good at the moment, but Go Jong-wook or Lee Chang-jin could form the 5-6 spot with Socrates. Kim Sun-bin could slot into the five or six spot by accident, but in many ways, the seven spot is ideal given the balance of the batting order.메이저놀이터

That said, KIA’s complete batting line-up is scary. During their five-game winning streak last week, they were third in team batting average at 0.317 and second in team OPS at 0.877. The home runs were all over the place, nine of them. They can create chances in the triple-set and even work themselves out of trouble. They have synergy with the batting order of 3-6, and if Kim Sun-bin (#7) gets a big hit, KIA is in position for a big inning. Add to that the fact that Kim Tae-gun is no longer the top of the KIA batting order, and it’s safe to say that the resting batting order is gone.

Of course, batting cycles are unreliable. Even the best batting lineups have their ups and downs. Even LG’s current league-leading batting lineup hasn’t always been great, but their average is definitely higher than other teams. This is because they have a variety of scoring routes, and even if one or two players have a bad day, the others can go crazy and keep the scoring average up.

Kia still doesn’t have as much outfield depth as LG. While LG has a lot of backups at the starter level, KIA still has a big gap between the starters and backups. Hwang Dae-in and Byun Woo-hyuk could fill that role once they return from injury, but KIA should be able to rely on the strength of their other players to maintain their average even if one or two players struggle in the second half. The KIA bats struggled in the first half without Choi Hyung-woo, Lee Woo-sung, and Socrates.

“Our batting line-up is really strong right now,” said Na Sung-beom after his back-to-back home runs against KT in Suwon on the 8th, “I hit well today, but yesterday I was hitless in five at-bats.” It’s true. Hitting can be very different from yesterday to today. You can’t ignore injuries and fitness.

That said, it’s nice to see that KIA has more ways to score runs. With the veteran Kim Sun-bin, still one of the best contact hitters in the league among centre fielders, anchoring the seventh spot in the batting order, the foundation of the KIA batting order has definitely been strengthened.

Right now, it doesn’t seem to matter that Kim hasn’t been able to make a huge impact, as he’s only hit one home run in the seventh spot on back-to-back days. This is an environment where he can improve his condition little by little without any pressure. The pressure on each individual was also reduced. The key for the KIA batting line-up is to minimise collective slumps in the second half.

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