8th hitter 31 homers – 9th hitter 22 homers… Dominican Nuclear Batting Line Activated, Genius Batter Comes

It was a launch like the most influential championship토토사이트 candidate for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). The Dominican Republic (hereinafter referred to as Dominica) is aiming for the tournament with a powerful batting line.

Dominica won 9-0 in a practice game against Atlanta held at Cool Today Park in Northport, Florida on the 9th (Korean time). Atlanta wasn’t 100% strong, but it was still a strong team that was selected as one of the most promising candidates for the National League championship this year. However, Dominica showed good performances in both pitches and strokes and gave a green light ahead of the tournament.

What caught my eye in particular was the batting line that scored 9 runs with 14 hits. On this day, the Dominican batting order was Julio Rodriguez-Rafael Devers-Manny Machado-Theosca Hernandez-Robinson Cano-Illroy Jimenez-Gary Sanchez-Willie Adames-Jeremy Pena. It was a luxurious lineup.

Adames, who is in the 8th batting order, is an infielder with 31 homers and 98 RBIs last year. One of the league’s most promising infielders, Pena also fired 22 cannons in 136 games last year. Even the 8th and 9th batting order was filled with infielders with more than 20 home runs in the major leagues.

Rodriguez, who has both mobility and hitting, and Devers and Machado, who are all-star players and are among the best players in the league at their respective positions, were formidable in batting order 1-3. They are forming a lineup that scares opponents.

It’s not even the best power. On this day, Cano played as first baseman, but Dominica’s original plan was for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., second in the 2021 American League MVP voting, to take first base. Guerrero Jr. was sidelined with an injury.

There are also support groups. ‘Genius hitter’ Juan Soto, whose call-up to the national team has been delayed due to a calf injury, will join the team soon. With Soto on board, you can build a formidable top-tier batting order of Rodriguez-Soto-Devers-Machado.

Even on the mound, which had some anxiety, starter Christian Javier pitched 2⅔ scoreless innings, and the bullpen, which was subsequently thrown, did well without giving up a single point to Atlanta. After winning the 2013 tournament, Dominica, which is aiming to recapture the championship trophy, is off to a good start.

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