3R 6 stroke car lead overturned… 9th case in PGA Tour history

“You did an amazing tournament. I had an opportunity, and I was happy to do it.”

After finishing the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Sentry Tournament of Champions at the Kapalua Plantation Course (par 73) in Maui, Hawaii, USA on the 9th (Korean time), a come-from-behind championship was confirmed. These are the feelings expressed by Han Yon Ram (Spain). After completing 54 holes in the third round, Ram was 7 strokes behind Colin Morikawa (USA), who was leading at the time. Even in the first hole of the final round, he wrote a bogey and was pushed by 9 strokes to Morikawa, who recorded a birdie in this hole. However, after that, Ram calmly reduced the number of strokes and took advantage of Morikawa’s continuous hunting and succeeded in reversing at the end of the final round, winning dramatically with a total of 27 under par over Morikawa (25 under par). 스포츠토토

Like Ram, there has been a case of performing a double pole in the final round of the PGA Tour before. Morikawa, who took the lead in the third round of this tournament, was 6 strokes ahead of the group in a tie for second place, but was overturned. U.S. Golf Week reported on the 9th, “It is the ninth time on the PGA Tour that, like Morikawa, he led the 2nd place group by 6 strokes before the final round in a tournament and then turned over.” Last year, Scotty Scheffler, who was leading by six strokes until the third round of the Tour Championship, was overturned by Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland). Prior to this, at the 2017 World Golf Championship (WGC) HSBC World Champions, Dustin Johnson, who was leading by 6 strokes in second place, eventually gave up a come-from-behind victory to Justin Rose (England). By the third round, the difference in strokes between Johnson and Rose was 8 strokes.

In other cases, as in the case of Johnson and Rose, the larger difference between the third round lead and the final round winner has been reversed. In the 1999 The Open Championship, Paul Laurie (Scotland), who was 10 strokes behind Jean-Vinde Velde (France) in the 3rd round, tied in the final round and won a come-from-behind victory after overtime, which is recorded as the longest come-from-behind victory. . Then, at the 2004 MCI Heritage, Stuart Sink (USA) was pushed back by 9 strokes by Ted Purdy (USA), then tied the score in the final round and followed it up with a come-from-behind victory after a 5th extension.

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