After spending over 온라인바카라 $500 million last winter, the New York Mets have turned seller. They’ve essentially given up on the season. They made the shocking decision to release ace Max Scherzer, 39.

The Mets made the trade to the Texas Rangers on Tuesday. Scherzer will go to Texas and Luis Angel Acuña, the younger brother of Ronald Acuña Jr.

The clubs had previously agreed to terms, but the final pieces of the deal – whether or not Scherzer would exercise his trade veto and whether or not the Mets would subsidize his salary – were still hanging in the balance, but the deal was finally finalized and made official.

The Mets opened their wallets with gusto last winter, only to see it all come crashing down in one season.

The Mets won 101 games in the regular season last year and failed to win the World Series. They’re out to redeem themselves.

With the support of owner Steve Cohen, they signed Justin Verlander to a two-year, $86 million deal, as well as Verlander (two years, $86.6 million), Senga Godai (five years, $75 million), Jose Quintana (two years, $26 million), and David Robertson (one year, $10 million).

It doesn’t end there. The team cracked down on internal free agents, including Edwin Diaz (five years, $120 million), Brandon Nemo (eight years, $162 million), and Adam Ottavino (two years, $14.5 million).

In total, the team spent nearly $500 million to sign them all. It was one of the most expensive signings in Major League Baseball history.

But now that the season is underway, it’s clear that the investment hasn’t paid off. Injuries and underperformance from key players have left the team underperforming.

With 49 wins and 54 losses, they’re in fourth place in the National League East. This led to the Mets abandoning their season at the trade deadline.

The Mets were criticized in the US for their behavior.

The New York Times wrote, “The most expensive roster in major league history has failed. Mr. Cohen spent $500 million to recapture World Series glory, but money guarantees nothing.”

[Max Scherzer, owner Steve Cohen, and Mets players. Photo by Getty Images].

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