1st place in fan voting for 2 consecutive years, Heo Woong, the first 3-point king in his life

the professional basketball festival of stars, All-Star Game, top star Heo Woong won the first three-point shot contest in his life. .

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Heo Woong, who ranked first in the fan vote for two consecutive years and led ‘Team Heo Woong’ to the All-Star game, produced a surprise in the 3-point shooting contest.메이저놀이터

For the first time in league history, he beat Seong-Hyun Jeon, the best shooter who made 3 or more 3-pointers in a row in 16 games, in the semifinals, and in the finals, he beat Kim Gook-chan, the No. made it

The dunk shot contest was a solo performance by Filipino guard Abando.

Despite his short stature of 188 cm, he boasted a sergeant jump of over 1 meter and performed a dunk show on a different level from the preliminaries to the finals, receiving overwhelming support from the judges.

Last year, the king of dunk kt Ha Yoon-ki scored 28 dunks in front of Suwon home fans several times, leading ‘Team Lee Dae-seong’ to victory and being selected as the MVP.

The players reciprocated the support of the fans by performing group dances with popular dance crews, and as soon as La Gun-ah, who has been living in Korea for more than 10 years, watched the music video of an old popular song, she followed the dance moves exactly, drawing laughter.

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