‘$16 million→$3.75 million’ drastic cut, special finish, several clubs are now aiming

Aroldis Chapman (35, Kansas City Royals), who was treated as an outcast by the New York Yankees last year, is flapping the wings of resurrection.

Major League Transfer Trade Rumors (MLBTR) opened its mouth on the 8th (Korean time), saying, “There is no more reliable trade resource than Chapman.”스포츠토토

Kansas City is sluggish this season with 18 wins and 44 losses. The chances of making the playoffs are not high. For this reason, teams with a high probability of going to fall baseball are showing interest. According to reports, teams have been interested in Chapman since the second week of May, and Kansas City is also willing to trade Chapman.

Chapman, who made his major league debut in 2010 after exile in Cuba, once boasted a powerful fastball of 106 miles per hour (about 170.6 km). It was the highest hurling record in big league history.

Starting with the 2012 season, he took on the role of a closer in earnest. Starting with 38 saves in his finishing first season, Chapman reached 30 saves in five consecutive years. Chapman, who hit the 30 save mark with 32 saves in the 2018 season, played an active role with 37 saves in 2019.

The average ERA in the 2021 season rose to 3.36, but Chapman, who recorded 30 saves, fell last year with the New York Yankees, recording 4 wins, 4 losses, 9 saves and an average ERA of 4.46 in 43 games, 36⅓ innings. Injuries and slumps followed. As a result, it was predicted that Chapman would no longer be able to play an active role as a limited finisher.

However, Chapman aimed for a revival by signing a one-year, $3.75 million (approximately 5 billion won) contract with the Kansas City Royals ahead of this season. Chapman, who received an annual salary of 16 million dollars (22 billion won) last year, drastically cut his salary by more than 1/4.

So far successful. Command has stabilized, and his restraints have sped up again. He appeared in 23 games and has been performing well with an earned run average of 2.95 with 1 win and 2 losses in 21⅓ innings.

Chapman, who recorded the highest speed of 97 miles (156.1 km) for the Yankees last year, recorded more than 99 miles (about 159 km) this year.

The media said, “Unless injured, Chapman will not finish the season in Kansas City. There are incentives, but he is a reasonable resource considering Chapman’s salary,” and predicted, “a decision will be made in the next two months.”

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