‘140% increase’ Yeongnam rival outfielders, the highest salary increase rate in the team

Left-handed outfielders of Samsung and Lotte, pro baseball rivals in Yeongnam, recorded the team’s highest salary increase rate in this year’s salary negotiations.

On the 30th, Samsung announced that it had “completed an annual salary contract with all those eligible for renewal in 2023.” Outfielder Kim Hyun-joon recorded the team’s highest annual salary increase rate of 140% compared to last year.

Kim Hyun-joon played 118 games last year, recording 100 hits and a batting average of .275. Kim Hyun-joon, who jumped to the starting lineup in the second season of his debut, receives an annual salary of 80 million won this year from an annual salary of 33 million won last year.

Right-hander Won Tae-in, who has established himself as the team’s native ace, signed a contract for 350 million won, up 17% from the previous 300 million won. Won Tae-in threw more than 165 innings last year and recorded an average ERA of 3.92 with 먹튀검증 10 wins and 8 losses.

Kim Ji-chan, who played an active role as the main infielder, signed for 160 million won, an increase of 50 million won (45%) from the previous 110 million won. Left-handed bullpen Lee Seung-hyun signed a contract of 80 million won, up 45 percent, and catcher Kim Jae-seong signed a contract of 75 million won, up 67 percent.

Lotte also said on the same day, “We have completed contracts with 60 people who are subject to annual salary contracts for the 2023 season.”

Outfielder Seongbin Hwang received a 140% increase in salary from last year. Last year, Hwang Seong-bin debuted in the first team and recorded a batting average of 2.94 and 94 hits in 102 games, receiving an annual salary of 30 million won to 73 million won this year.

Another outfielder, Koh Seung-min, also signed a contract for 72 million won with a 92.1% increase. Last year, in 92 games, he recorded a batting average of .316 and 74 hits.

In addition, Koo Seung-min, who achieved 20 holds for three consecutive seasons with 26 holds last year, recorded the largest increase of 67.6 million won. The contract was renewed at 248.6 million won, a 37.3% increase from last year. Lee In-bok and Na Kyun-an also joined the ranks of billionaires by signing contracts of 145 million won and 109 million won, up 70.6% and 87.9%, respectively.

Lotte also presented key players with performance option contracts that can strengthen their motivation. Infielders Han Dong-hee and Lee Hak-joo chose this, and Han Dong-hee can earn up to 266.8 million won if all grades are met.

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