‘100kg → 83kg storm loss’ 1st nomination left-hander, “I felt that I had to change myself”

The chubby figure is nowhere to be found. Park Se-jin (KT), who I met with a reporter on the 13th, seemed to be sharper even at a glance. Before enlisting, he weighed 100 kg, but through intense training and diet control, he reduced to 83 kg. 

He said, “It’s thanks to Hyeok-jun hyung and Seong-sik, who helped me with personal training after deciding that I needed to change after enlisting, talked a lot with my hyung, trained hard, and managed my diet.” The weight loss effect was obvious. He expressed satisfaction, saying, “Throwing the ball has become lighter. In the past, if I threw only 30 out of 70 target pitches, I lost my strength, but now I do not lose power even if I throw 50 to 60 pitches.”  온라인바카라

After graduating from Gyeongbuk High School, Park Se-jin, who debuted on the professional stage after receiving the first nomination from KT in 2016, had a reputation as a top-class left-hander in high school, but realized the high wall of his professional stage. He pitched in 20 first-team career games, recording only 1 win and 9 losses (average ERA of 9.14). Looking back on the past, when he felt more regret than satisfaction, he said, “I think I became lazy because I thought that it would be possible someday. I realized that,” he said. 

Park Se-woong (Lotte), who is preparing for this season with Park Se-jin, said, “I work really hard. Both my body and mind have changed.” He continued, “I made up my mind and lost weight, and thanks to weight training, my strength improved. Originally, I had good athletic ability, but when I play catch, the ball is very heavy.” Park Se-woong also did not hide his expectations, saying, “He must have felt a lot himself. As he has his own goals, I think he will do well this season.”  

In response, Park Se-jin said, “It’s great to work out with my brother after a long time. I learned a lot from him. He talked about ball rotation when playing catch and gave advice on glove position. Above all, when I weight train, I do it together rather than alone. It’s better.” He smiled broadly. 

Like pitchers Kim Bum-soo (Hanwha) and Kim Yoon-soo (Samsung), he expressed his desire to play together on the first team stage. Park Se-jin said, “I wish I could go to the Busan away game and have a meal with my brother.” 

He asked about his goals this season. He said, “I have a goal set, but I plan to keep it in my heart. The club told me to prepare midway, but I want to play full-time without injury. I will prepare well so that I can show a good performance.

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